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It's a fairly simple, straightforward question, actually: What is it like for you to be an American?
It generates a very complex set of feelings and ideas when you stop people in the street, make a formal portrait, and ask them to write down their thoughts.
If you are an American reading this, how would you answer the question?
Dwayne Rogers
Joe Ostrick
Pat Arnow
Amie Wells
Donald Weiss
Mark Otten
Annemarie Alms
Rick Ruscigno
Dominick Castiglia
Rama Orleans-Lindsay
Lt. Col. Adam Scher
Bruce Armstrong
Dave Perez
Chanel Auguste
Laurence Cuocci
Robert Gross
John Romaine
Lisa Levine
Jonathan Yi
Lynne Superior
David Pringle
Zakiyyah Woods
Nikki Scott
Nick Aldrich
Ayesha Sayed
Michael Schmitt
Rhea Patil
Sabio Mazza
Mary Anne Haarhaus
Michelle Fujii
Stepphen Colon
Todd Schrock
Sharon Dostie
Izaak Almazan
Faina Stefadu
Sophia Vazquez
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