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Roderick. A builder of elaborate tree houses.
Calls herself Tommy because people couldn't pronounce Tamiko
Francis. Bought his tee shirt from the Salvation Army. Cost a dollar.
Eowyn. Her parents were big fans of Lord of the Rings.
Christian. The wet plate process made his tattoos nearly invisible.
Dee. Has been a dancer all of her life.
Rocco. Owned a dog named Askem.
Josephine & Vincent. Visiting from Lyon.
Johnny. Looked at his picture and murmured "Fucking divine!"
Kiva. New york actor, asked us not to reveal her age.
Ryker. A young man wearing orange shoes.
Malgosia. An actor from Poland. Told us, "I can play a man or a woman...I'm 6' 2".
MJ. On her way back to California.
Voshon. Has the Hebrew word for 'visionary' tattooed on his thigh.
Neill. Still sorting out a gender identity.
Nichole. A tattoo artist from out west.
Shane. He writes about science.
Cristina. Looked at her photo and said, "I look too serious."
Stephen.Told us Walker Evans was in love with his girlfriend.
Nya. Currently working on a screenplay.
Vasil. From Russia with Love.
Julianna. Cleaning houses at the moment. Will pursue a graduate degree in environmental science in the near future.
Daudi. From Uganda, wearing a Grateful Dead tee shirt with the band's name written out in Yiddish.
Simone. Has a twin. Proudly told us, "I'm two minutes older."
Eddie. Has a collection of 38 hats.
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