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Hand, New York
Esmeralda , Nicaragua
Eva, New York
Alberto, Madrid
Alex, Florida
Ariadna, Barcelona
Aurora, Nicaragua
Tomás, Lisbon
Angela, Lisbon
Beth, New York
Agustina, Barcelona
Tyler, New York
Sylvia, Barcelona
Grethel, Nicaragua
Henry, New York
Mita, Panama
Illyse, New York
Judit, Budapest
Tom, New York
Carlos & his son, Nicaragua
Benita, Nicaragua
Yulissa and Melyani, Nicaragua
Mecelenia & Hernaldo, Nicaragua
Clayton, New York
Charlotte, New York
Yavlah, Nicaragua
Yaritza, Nicaragua
Josefine, New York
Ceren, Istanbul
Reyna, Nicaragua
John, New York
Mothers at the clinic, Nicaragua
Nicolsa, Nicaragua
Jeremy, London
Ferama, Paris
Police, Rome
Phil, New York
Martin, Nicaragua
Yanet, Nicaragua
Avery, Kansas
MaElena, Mexico
Ben, New York
Skyler, New York
Alexandra, New York
Babz, New York
Danielle, New York
Eloisa, Panama
Walter, New York
Herbert, New York
Paul, New York
Delfino, Panama
Ana, Nicaragua
Bun Sipu, Panama
Beth's Back, NY
Brigitta, Budapest
Charlotte, London
Chelsea, New York
Elisa, New York
William, London
Tiffany, New York
Efekan, Istanbul
Ester, Lisbon
Esra, Istanbul
Juan, Nicaragua
Fabio, Rome
Gabor, Budapest
Gabi, Budapest
Kat, New York
Supla, London
Kubra, Istanbul
Jean-Do, Paris
Socorro, Nicaragua
Tziporah, New York
Dalia and her twins, Anete and Emma, Nicaragua
Kubra & Busra, Istanbul
Jess, New York
Jolie, New York
Juan & his great-grandson, Elgin, Nicaragua
Lesbia, Nicaragua
Margherita, Rome
Lugeri, Nicaragua
Lindsay, New York
Laszlo, Budapest
Csilla, Budapest
Magali, Nicaragua
Vera, Barcelona
Istvan, Budapest
Rahby, New York
Mercan, Istanbul
Zsofia, Budapest
Huseyin, Istanbul
Osmar and his son, Nicaragua
Nina, Budapest
Andrea , New York
Gianni, Italy
Neslihan, Istanbul
Yajaira, Nicaragua
Xiggy, Kansas
Peter, Budapest
Policewomen, Rome
Rafael, New York
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